Lead contacts: How to get the most out of your session

Before the day

  • Let your office staff know who to expect and when!
  • Watch this short film with Blue Peter's Radzi Chinyanganya with each class – it’s a great way to introduce the project to the children.

Radzi Tate Year 3 Film copy.jpg

  • Encourage the children to think of any questions they have for the photographer about their job and the project, as the session will allow for some Q&A.
  • Chase up as many consent forms as possible. We appreciate this can take a lot of effort but hope you agree it will be worth it to have as many of your pupils as possible participate on the day and be part of this epic exhibition!
  • Double check which children have and haven’t got consent before the session (verbal consent is not sufficient). If you are able to let us know how many children have not returned the signed consent, that would be helpful for the photographer – we only need numbers not names. We are unable to offer re-shoots, so please do make sure you remind pupils to return their consent forms and check parents / carers have completed them correctly in order to avoid anyone being disappointed at missing out. The consent forms have been reviewed by the law firm Farrer & Co, regarded across the legal industry as the leader in the education sector and are fully compliant with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, so all you need to do is put it on your school letterhead.

Requirements on the day

  • Put 2 benches in the hall.
  • Follow your school uniform policy – if staff would like to find spare uniform for children (e.g. school jumpers), please try and do this before the session starts. Please note that if booking a photography session on World Book Day, Christmas Jumper day or other non-uniform days, pupils will need to change into their normal school uniform for the Class Photograph.
  • When the photographer arrives, make sure the lead contact for the school visit is available to greet the photographer and accompany them to the hall and for the sessions. The photographer will need 10-15 minutes set up time in the hall before the children arrive.
  • Confirm with the photographer the number of children who have returned their signed permission slips and can therefore be in the photograph. Children who do not have signed permission slips can still take part in the session but cannot be in the photograph (verbal consent is not sufficient).
  • Ensure Year 3 teachers and support staff are available to take an active part in the session activities as well as the photograph. We’ve found that where class teachers take part, the children get the most out of the session. It also helps teachers to maximise the use of the resources.

After the session

  • Look through the wealth of learning resources that underpin the project through PSHE, Citizenship, Literacy and Art & Design, which you could use as follow up to the activities and discussions in the session.
  • Share your experience of the day on social media using #Year3Project