Frequently asked questions

The photography session in school >

  • Where will the photography session take place?
  • How long is a photography session?
  • What happens in the photography session?
  • Do all the Year 3 classes need to come to the hall together?
  • Can all the Year 3 classes be involved in my school and what happens when there is a mixed Year 3/4 class?
  • Will teaching staff be included in the Class Photograph?
  • Can interested staff who are not working with Year 3 be in the photograph?
  • Does the class teacher need to stay for the whole session?
  • What if a child chooses not to be in the photograph?
  • Can pupils still participate in a session if their parents / carers don’t consent to the Class Photograph?
  • Should children wear their school uniform for the photograph?
  • What will we need to do to prepare for the Photography visit?

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The Artwork and Tate Exhibition 2019 – 2020 >

  • What will the Class Photograph look like for the exhibition?
  • Will photographs be used for any other purpose than the Tate Britain exhibition in 2019?
  • How long will the Class Photographs be displayed in the exhibition for?
  • Will digital prints be made available?
  • Can a photograph be withdrawn from the exhibition should circumstances require?
  • Can we take photographs of Tate Year 3 Project activity in class?
  • Is the project commercial or money-making?
  • Will it be possible to view the photos online during or after the exhibition?
  • Will the school name be on the Class Photograph?
  • Will children’s names be used in the Tate Exhibition?

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Image Consent, Data Protection and Safeguarding >

  • What expertise is there in ensuring best practice for data protection and safeguarding?
  • How will schools obtain consent for children to be in the Class Photograph?
  • We already ask parents and carers to consent to images being used in school publications. Do we have to use the Tate Year 3 Project consent forms?
  • Are translations of the parent/carer consent form available?
  • Does the photographer/Tate/A New Direction need to see the signed consent forms?
  • What else should my school consider?
  • What measures will the project take to avoid pupils being identified in the exhibition?
  • Can I see the Tate Year 3 Project safeguarding documentation?
  • Have the Tate Year 3 Photographers had DBS checks?
  • Can school staff see or photocopy a Tate Year 3 Photographer’s DBS certificate when they visit?

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What should I do if I have further questions?

Please do contact the project team direct at any point: and we’ll be more than happy to support with further discussion.

Once your school has registered for the photographer visit you will also be in direct contact with the Schools Relationship Team at A New Direction for the project.