Planning and booking a school visit

How do I book for the Steve McQueen Year 3 exhibition?

Booking for the exhibition can be done on the same website where you booked your school’s photography session in 2018/2019. The lead contacts at each school will have the school’s login details. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Which browsers to use when booking?

Booking works best on the latest version of your browser preferably Chrome. If you are experiencing problems, you can update or install the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

(Note: As Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer, please use an alternative browser.)

What do I need to know before I make my booking?

  • Information about your visiting classes: class name, class teacher name (can be edited later on), approximate number of pupils.
  • Travel information (how you are planning to get to Tate Britain)
  • The date(s) you would like to visit between 12 November 2019 - 4 May 2020. Classes can be booked for the same day or spread out over different days. Please confirm and check dates with all the teachers before making your booking!

If you work in a school that is split site or that has a special needs unit, remember to check with those teachers too before making your booking.

How long is an exhibition visit?

Please allow approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, including lunch.

What time do I need to arrive?

Morning visits: 10.00am - 12.30pm

Afternoon visits: 12.00pm - 2.30pm

There is flexibility with these timings for special schools that book for Quiet Days. Please choose this option when booking and we will then get in touch with you to arrange.

What will happen during our visit?

Arrival and registration (15 minutes): Each class will be met by a Tate Welcome Host who will register the class; ensure bags and coats are stored in large labelled bins and introduce the day with a printed activity for every child to guide and support the visit.

Steve McQueen Year 3 (1 hour): Classes will spend around an hour in the Duveens where children will experience the Steve McQueen Year 3 artwork. This will include some time in a dedicated learning space where classes will also be shown their individual class photograph.

Tate Britain (45 minutes): Each class will then disperse in smaller groups to visit other artworks across the gallery for around 45 minutes. The printed activity for pupils will also be available on the Tate website so teachers can prepare beforehand and your Welcome Host will also be able to support you. At the end of this part of the visit, you will either go to lunch (if on a morning visit) or return to school (if on an afternoon visit).

A lunch space will be available to all classes for 30 minutes. Please be aware of the volume of classes visiting the exhibition so space and time will be limited.

How will we find our own class photo?

During your time in the Duveens, the Tate Welcome Host will take you to a dedicated learning space to give your class a closer look at their class photograph and participate in discussion and activities from the printed pupil resources.

Can we visit other parts of Tate Britain as part of this visit?

Yes, all classes are encouraged to experience other parts of the gallery with its other iconic artworks. Self-guided visit resources will be available on the Tate website before the exhibition to allow teachers to prepare.

We would ask that teachers plan to disperse their classes into smaller groups of 6-7 to make the most of this time in the rest of the building and to avoid a class moving around as a group of 30.

Will this be a guided visit or self-guided?

Each class will be met by and accompanied by a Tate Welcome Host who will introduce the Steve McQueen Year 3 artwork and support the visit. Each class teacher is responsible for their pupils and will guide the experience using the self-guided resources and printed activities made available on arrival.

What provision is available for Special Schools?

Special Schools that feature in Steve McQueen Year 3 are invited to book a visit to the exhibition. We have set aside a ‘Quiet Day’ every week that will only be available to Special Schools. The timings for these days are more flexible and will be arranged with you once you have booked. There is limited parking that will be available for Special School requirements and we will contact you nearer the time of your visit to arrange this access directly with you.

How many adults are needed to accompany each class?

The recommended adult to pupil ratio is 1:7 to allow the class to make the most of their visit to Tate Britain. We cannot accommodate additional adults or parent helpers above this number to attend the visit, unless specific 1:1 support is required.

Can I bring parents/carers and other school staff?

We appreciate the excitement surrounding this project and support from Year 3 pupils’ families and other school staff. However, given the scale of the project, we can only accommodate a recommended adult to pupil ratio of 1:7. The exhibition is open to the general public however, and the Tate Britain Families team will have a variety of resources and activities on offer at weekends so please do encourage those who cannot come on the school visit to come along then.

Can family and friends visit the exhibition? Will they be able to see our class photo?

Steve McQueen Year 3 is open to the general public so family and friends of Year 3 pupils will be able to attend, but not on a school visit. Due to the scale of the project, we can only accommodate a recommended adult to pupil ratio of 1:7. Tate Britain Families team will have a variety of resources and activities on offer at weekends so please do come along then.

Can children who didn’t have consent to be in their class photo attend the exhibition?

Yes. Just as our Tate Year 3 Photographers were able to include the children in the photography sessions, children who did not have consent to be in the photo will be fully included with the class activities in the gallery.