For schools that have an exhibition booking

We are coming by mobility support bus/minibus/coach. Is there parking available at Tate Britain?

There is parking available for Special Schools and we will be able to advise you before the day where you will be able to park.

For minibuses and coaches, there is a drop off/pick up point on Millbank, just outside the Millbank Entrance. You will still need to make your way to your designated entrance from there.

Can we have our lunch at Tate Britain?

Yes. Each class can have a 30-minute slot in a dedicated lunch space for schools visiting Steve McQueen Year 3. Children will need to bring packed lunch. Water fountains will be available. Please note, we anticipate up to 20 schools visiting on most days, so schools will need to arrive and leave the lunch space promptly. Tate cannot guarantee eating in a nut-free or other allergen-free space.

The booking says the visit starts at 10am (mornings)/12pm (afternoons). What if we arrive later than that?

Due to the scale of the project, we do not have a lot of flexibility when it comes to timing for most schools. However, we understand that transport issues do arise and if there is an unavoidable delay, your Year 3 Leader will do their best to support you on doing a shorter visit which still allows you time to see your class photo in close up and spend some time in the Duveen Galleries. This depends on how late your arrival is.

Where is the group/schools entrance? Where do we register when we arrive?

Four weeks before you arrive, we will email your lead contact to say which of three separate entrances to Tate Britain each class should go to. You will need to read your booking confirmation emails carefully to avoid any confusion and to arrive at the right entrance.

Will there be somewhere for us to leave bags and coats?

As part of the registration process, your class will be able to leave their bags and coats in labelled stations at each entrance. You will then have time to get these before lunch (if a morning visit) or before returning to school (if an afternoon visit).

The lead contact has left/changed. How do I get this changed on the website?

We recognise that there may be changes in staff at school. We can only have one login per school, so if you do need to change the lead contact and login, just contact us and we’ll update this for you.

I need to add classes from another site/a special needs unit to my booking. How do I do this?

If your school already has a booking, but there are classes missing, please contact us and we’ll make a change to your booking.